Monday, April 30, 2007

TV Show - brainstorming

I'm developing some ideas for a tv show to be sold in Pakistan.

Above is some development. Scanned in paper, illustrated in photochop.

And this above is having made some (deceptive) progress. i.e. none at all. I feel like I'm still undecided which design is best.

So I'm really confused which character looks better (see: more appropriate) than the others and I'm scared to ask for opinions ...because right now I have almost no real opinion of my own!!

I've also posted a little test animation with one of these characters to see how it might end up looking in (not so) glorious 'tv series' limited motion HERE (ON YOUTUBE).

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thief Film - Rich Magnate Design

Here's some development of the rich magnate the thief bumps into on his way out. I'm sorry about the ugly untextured 3d designs. On top are sketches of the final design. I haven't finished modelling the 3d character but I'd say he's pretty much 85% done except for the body and ears. Oops yeah I seem to have forgotten to add those but they're going to be tiny anyway.

I'll try to post some development sketches of this guy later. My scanner/computer isnt really loving me back these days.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thief Film - Development

Some stylistic experimentation with the look for the backgrounds. I think this would look very jarring on the big screen unfortunately even though I do like the stark graphic design feel of it. It would be nice to use some of my past graphic design experience in my film.
This is a style I could use for the thief / animation itself. It's inspired from urdu/arabic calligraphy and would be nice to show the 'beauty' in his dance.

Btw, I'm trying to think of names for this film now and I've thought 'Possession Dance' might be somewhat explanatory. I'm using this line to explain what my film is about for the Spotlight Show at UCLA - "What's more important? Values or things? A thief and a magnate help figure it out. ". I'm finally doing a film that has meaning but still focuses more on the entertainment values! Hooray!

Thief - Fan Art

Megan made me this Fanart. I love it! And I really like the way she's connected the head with the arms. I think I might actually use that, Megan that ok with you? :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bill Plympton at UCLA

Oh did I mention Bill Plympton had come to the lab to give us a talk and presentation with some of his films? :D I've uploaded a video on YouTube HERE. It's not so great but still watchable.

Thief Designs

I'm finding it hard to get the particular look for the thief so I thought I'd refer to my inspiration of the character - a vulture. That got me thinking maybe I could try other birds too.
Nope. Vulture suits it best. These are most of the designs I've gone through so far most just modifications of its predecessor. The hardest part is going to be the neck joining the rigid head to the overly flowing torso.
I like strokes for arms and legs. Details like fingers can appear only when he needs them. He's an efficient thief after all and he loves his job to the point where it's an art he enjoys.
I just thought that design modification in the bottom right corner was funny so I added this page in too. Right now I'm thinking; what is it that makes the UPA style so beautiful to me?
Yeah this might be pushing the vulture thing a bit too far. That neck thing really just won't work. He has to stay an 'inspiration' from the vulture design and not an 'imitation'. I don't really think it's that super important in the film as long as the audience feels a slight connection I'll be happy.