Thursday, October 30, 2008

Progress of Animation in Bollywood

Remember the time when Indian movies copied Hollywood movies? I'm pretty sure they still do. Ever since Disney joined forces with Yash Raj Films there are a few movies 'coming soon' that remind me of a few other internationally acclaimed movies. I'll be brash and point out which ones...

Roadside Romeo - (Lady and the Tramp)
Ali Baba - (Aladdin)
Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang - (Antz (name from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang))
Jumbo - (Dumbo)

here are some articles for you to read to keep in touch with animation this side of the planet: (scroll down to the bollywood buzz section) and

a long time coming (back)

Good lord! It's been more than a year since I posted anything on my blog. Even though I would like to say that its been because I've been doing a lot since then, that's only half the truth. I have been very busy doing a lot of art and animation related things, but I've also been busy with a lot of other things in life too. For one I've finished my thesis and have moved to Pakistan for a while.

Anyway, I only intend this blog to be about art and animation and I'll stick by that. I did do a lot of it since the last post and so will also attempt to update this blog with most of that as well. Do keep watching this space, I'll be giving updates about my progress in getting animation, especially traditional animation, started in Pakistan, if not the Subcontinent.