Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gogi Studios - Studio Space Development - Red Carpet Theater

The set up of the dailies room is what I have been up to for the past while. The actual name for this working space is still undecided. Some ideas are: Red Room, Red Carpet, Red Alert. The concept of this space is that, since we are creating cartoons for film (cinema), it should feel like the artists are sitting in a cinema as they're making them.

Nothing is instant. So even though the idea was decided, everything has taken a long long time to materialize. Here's a fast forward through the process so far...

... if only the actual process had been this quick. Just a few more phases left now; the box panels need to be painted, I'm considering one more coat for the walls (depending on many factors), one more coat for the golden beading (depending on many factors), the cables need to be neatened up and put into the system cabinet, the main door needs sound proofing, the back walls need picture frames for our posters and last but definitely not the least - a neon Gogi Studios sign on the large wall facing the studio entrance. Phew! (And 'yawn' for 99% of everyone reading this)

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