Friday, August 14, 2009

Music Video Review - "Dharti" by Usman Khalid

I received a link to the 'much-requested', anti-terrorism music video "Dharti" by Usman Khalid in my mailbox today. The story is told quite clearly; a terrorist walks through his community recalling all the moments, good and bad through his life, and finally comes to a mosque - his 'final' destination - where he must make his 'final' decision.
As the video started, I thought I was watching a regular live action music video but further in I realized there is a bit more experimentation going on. A lot of green screened effects, post effects (like smudges and splatters) on the screen, selective color, 3D environments mixed with the live action in compositing. Sometimes there is a little over-usage of the mixed media but it is all to an overall good effect and the singer melds with the background smoother than I have seen in other Pakistani green screen attempts. Good job on a semi-animated music video on a powerful and current theme!
The singer's choice of dress on the other hand; maybe best left for another critique some other day!

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