Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rant - My Inspirations

Every time I think about it, the history of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe I'm inspired to produce my own animated television series. By today's standards the cartoon is not that great, but for it's time it was unlike anything else on television. And to me as a little child it was simply the best. It didn't have the fluidity of Inspector Gadget. And it didn't have the humor of Danger Mouse. But it inspired me more than any other cartoon could. It made me want to draw (muscles).

So what comes first? The toys or the show? The egg or the chicken? Read THIS article.

And before cartoonbrew removes their 'quote of the month', I'll repeat it here:
"It’s also worth noting that (Wall Street) analysts are always bullish about any studios whose production slates are loaded with sequels, remakes, and “re-boots”. This particular poverty of imagination is absolutely mainstream thinking when it comes to businessmen, who are all about recognizing patterns of success that they assume are repeatable… no matter how often that very approach fails. They always try to copy the original THING rather than the CONDITIONS that allowed the original thing to come into being." – Brad Bird

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